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Our surgical specialists are experienced and trusted throughout the Central Valley. We take pride in providing our patients an environment that’s safe and welcoming, as well as offering professional assistance from dedicated staff members. Our surgical specialists work towards delivering exceptional surgical care by maintaining high standards for patient safety and health always!

Gurmant P. Singh

Gurmant P. Singh, M.D.

General Surgery

Gurmant P. Singh, MD, MBA is a trusted physician and friend to the Bakersfield community. Dr. Singh is a general surgeon and specializes in minimally invasive surgery including Laparoscopic and Robotics Surgery, Gallbladder Surgery, Hernia Surgeries, Vascular Access Surgeries, and Excision of Masses and Biopsies.

Through his partnership with Central Valley Surgical Specialists (CVSS), Dr. Singh has access to the best hospitals in Bakersfield, CA, and the best specialists, labs, radiology facilities and support programs available. As a dedicated champion of health and vitality, Dr. Singh exemplifies the Regal standards of accessible and compassionate healthcare.

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