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If you are facing potential foot or ankle surgery, you want to be sure you pick a surgeon who has your complete confidence. After all, we spend a lot of time on our feet. The recommendation for good heart health is 10,000 steps per day and at least four hours per day on your feet. That is a lot of standing and walking! If your feet have any type of problems, you want to be sure you pick a foot surgeon or ankle surgeon who is experienced and excels at fixing feet. That is what you will find at Central Valley Surgical Specialists in Bakersfield, California, the top foot and ankle specialists.

Our foot and ankle surgeons use cutting edge science and technology to provide comprehensive medical and surgical care for a wide spectrum of foot and ankle conditions, including common to complex injuries and disorders affecting people of all ages. They treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Our foot and ankle surgeons in Bakersfield, California are uniquely qualified to detect early stages of diseases that exhibit warning signs in the lower extremities, such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. They manage any foot conditions that threaten a patient’s overall health.

Foot Surgeon Bakersfield, CA

Central Valley Surgical Specialists has foot and ankle surgeons that are dedicated to quality management of the full spectrum of foot and ankle disorders. We are uniquely able to provide comprehensive care for both routine and complex foot and ankle problems. If you are seeking treatment for your feet, call the foot and ankle specialists at Central Valley Surgical Specialists today and let us take care of your feet.

The foot and ankle surgeons at Central Valley Surgical Specialists are board certified foot and ankle surgeons. After completing their undergraduate programs, they completed an additional four-years at an accredited podiatric medical school, graduating with a degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). Their podiatric medical school curriculum had an intense focus on conditions of the foot and ankle.

Our foot and ankle surgeons in Bakersfield, California at Central Valley Surgical Specialists all completed a postgraduate residency in podiatric medicine and surgery. Like residencies for MD and DO, they received training in general medicine, general surgery, and surgical specialties, however they also experienced a high volume of cases focused on the foot and ankle during their residency program, typically three years. Our foot and ankle specialists also received additional training in specific areas of foot and ankle surgery through fellowships.

If your searching for an ankle surgeon or foot surgeon specialist in Bakersfield CA, the surgeons at Central Valley Surgical Specialists will take great care of you!

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